KNSA Development Pathway

U9/U10  — Junior Developmental Training Program

This program is the entry level to our elite Academy teams. At the U9/U10 level, we will ensure that the correct fundamentals and habits are learned/formed as we create a dynamic training environment for the players to develop in.

Every structure needs a solid base, and here at KNSA, we believe that to be the case with player development. Throughout the Junior Developmental Training Program, the areas of focus will change over time. The primary focus of this program is Skill Acquisition.

KNSA is for all players that wish to play competitive soccer. We will work on developing your skills to a higher standard while still enjoying the game. We will train, play, and perform with excitement and freedom to express yourself, and with no outside influence or pressure.

U12 - U13  — Developmental Training Program

KNSA U12-U13 Developmental Training Program is driven by the game and its players, and coaches. This game-centric approach allows for long-term development to occur through a deep understanding of what makes players successful around the world.

As the sport of soccer grows in Canada, young players in our country need the proper environment to compete against the world’s elite.

This program provides the optimal developmental environment for Ottawa’s youth soccer players by emphasizing growth through quality training and limited, meaningful competition. These teams will train on average three times a week and participate in EDL games.

U15 , U16 & U17 — Elite Academy Player Development Program

Comprised of extremely talented players, a highly qualified coaching staff, the Elite Academy Player Development Program is designed as the training ground for Ottawa’s most elite youth soccer players. Our Academy Player Development coaching staff will strategically hand-select these elite youth soccer players and the best development opportunities possible, including college/university showcases.

Through the Elite Academy Player Development Program, we holistically develop players who will have the technical and tactical skills combined with the creativity to compete at the highest levels.

This program will develop athletes 15 - 17 years old from all communities across Ottawa. Players are trained to be ready for the highest level of competition in a professional environment.

These teams also compete in EDL and SAAC Leagues. These teams train on average four times a week and feature friendly matches throughout the summer and winter months. The program is very competitive with dedication, effort and willingness to learn demanded from players.